This is one of 5 AOP Auvergne, cheese pressed uncooked raw cow's milk or pasteurized. it is more commonly called Cantal.

Is in the shape of a cylinder : A fourme weighing 35 and 45 kg. With a diameter that ranges from 36 to 42 cm, it requires at least 30 days of ripening for the naming of young Cantal, then it becomes with time-between old and.

Produced exclusively in the Massif Central

Fourme this is produced in all the department of Cantal(15) he had to doubt BUT…
also in some municipalities of the Puy de Dôme (63)
(Anzat-the-Luguet, Besse et Saint Anastaise, La bourboule, Chambon sur Lac, Chastreix, Compains, Egliseneuve Entraigues, Espinchal, La Godivelle, Laqueille, La Tour d'Auvergne, Mazoires, Le Mont-Dore, Murat-le-Quaire, Picherande, Roche-Charles-la-Mayrand, Saint Alyre Es Mountain, Saint Donat, Saint Genesius Champespe, Saint Pierre Colamine, Saint Sauvant Auvergne, Saint Victor la Rivière, Tauves, Le Valbeleix.)
In the Corrèze Auriac, Latronche, Neuvic, Rilhac-Xaintrie, Saint Julien aux Bois, Saint Privat, Soursac
And north of the Aveyron à Brommat, CLERMONT, Lacalm, Lacroix bar, Mur-de-bar, Taussac, Thérondels.
A Ally in the Haute-Loire

Manufacturing : An ancestral process

  1. Emprésurer and coagulating the milk to a temperature of between 30 ° and 34 ° Celsius.
  2. It is cut and stirred until it properly quail
  3. It is drained and then subjected to a first pressing to obtain the volume
  4. The volume is put to rest for at least ten hours
  5. The volume is then crushed salt
  6. One hour after the tome from the mold, design layer after layer of cheese with intermediate compaction.
  7. Second pressing (At least half a day)
  8. Release cheese
  9. Share cellar for refining

L’affinage : Young / Entre-Deux / Old

This is the time the cheese will absorb flavors and texture that will enhance. Returned regularly it will spend several weeks (or more months) in a 6°< cave <12° with a higher rate of hydrometric 95%. With time and the dough will change color (gray to tan) s&rsquo;affermir (soft to hard) and crust will thicken.

  • 30 days<Young
  • 90 days<Interwar
  • 240 days<Old<…

Three types of cheese for different tastes and flavors, your choice if you want something sweet or strong mouth.

Twenty centuries…

Already in the first century
it appears in the writings Pliny the Elder (Book XI of Natural History), the cheese Country gabales and Gevaudan was appreciated by Rome.
In the 6th century, Gregory of Tours in The History of the Franks paintings speak for cheese that are washed into the lake.
In the 18th Diderot and Alembert include in their encyclopedia with their text on the manufacture of Cantal.
Late 19th and early 20th century, Emile Duclaux (Physicist, biologist and chemist) describes the manufacture of cheese in the Treaty Principe de La Laiterie in 1893.
It becomes AOC in May 1956.
Early 21st century : It is enjoyed around the world and even going on TV 🙂 It also has many dedicated websites : PDO Cantal, I love the Cantal, Fromages AOP d&rsquo;Auvergne

Vu à la TV

The commercials, you may have seen and reviewed on your TV, this is the story of Chantal airhead forgot : Cantal… The former hooker Vincent Moscato deu XV love him too much to do without…

Chantal part en WE

Cantal forget it can be fatal !

Vincent Moscato et l&rsquo;AOP du 15

I do not call Chantal, but I like the Cantal !

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