Fourme d'Ambert

Auvergne cheese, it comes straight from the eponymous town. Cylindrical : 13 cm in diameter and 19cm in height it is part of the family and not pressed uncooked. Its characteristic marbling batter him, it requires 19 liters of milk cows for a fourme who weigh between 2kg and 2.5 kg.

It enjoys an AOC (France) from 1972 and designation of Protected Origin (Europe) from 2006.

Manufacturing : Capping

  1. The milk was heated to 32 ° and treated with rennet for the curdling + du penicillium roquefort
  2. Once curd, preparation is sliced ??and brewed
  3. The artisan cheese will then comb (Creation of air pockets in the dough : Future occurrence of blue).
  4. Quilting cheese : Oxygen necessary for the development of penicillium in small pockets
  5. On refining 28 days in August 1 °<cave<12°

From June to September it is where is the best fourme, being produced from milk from mountain pastures and meadows in altitude.

Farmers producers are located in the canton d'Ambert, in the town of Valcivières and not far from Col des Supeyres.

The production area covers three departments :

  • 43 Cantons of the Puy-de-Dôme
  • 8 Commons 3 Cantons of the Loire department
  • 5 cantons northeast of the Cantal department.

Middle Ages to today

In the 6th century he served as serfs to pay a portion of the tithe to the lords. His name was then fourme Peter on High, produced exclusively in the areas of farmhouses Monts du Forez and High canes.

Of 9 may 1972 the 22 February 2002 AOC includes fourmes d'Ambert and Montbrison, this is that’in 2002 the Fourme d'Ambert get its own AOP.

More information about this with AOP the site of inter-profession Fourme d'Ambert, and one of 5 Fromages AOP d&rsquo;Auvergne.

His house, museum

The House of the Fourme d'Ambert is located in the city center, a tour, tools for the processing of the cheese.

Site Internet :

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