'Truffade' with Saint Nectaire

Today explains how simply a truffade with its recipe in Saint Nectaire.

The recommended utensils

A steward to peel potatoes, a knife to cut. Also have available for cooking a large stove, a flat wooden spoon to handle the potatoes that tend to hang, once the cheese further added.

Author recipe : The kingdom of Mosaique

And you what is your recipe for truffles ?

5 thoughts on “'Truffade' with Saint Nectaire

  1. Indeed it is super easy to Cook, the longer it may be peeling potatoes. Note that the mountain ham cut into thin slice accompanies so well.

  2. During cooking, mash the potatoes with a fork, after cooking, return the truffles in a dish and put in the pan to brown the other side.(Recipe Cantal, Mauriac Salers region)

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