The specifications of the AO

The PDO cheese must meet the specifications, It thus enhances terroir and especially a know-how passed down from generation to generation.
He first meets a geographical area delimited on communes of Cantal and Puy de Dome.
The specification brings together various obligations such as the breeding mode, power, maintenance, the milk collection, of transformation into cheese, and refining of the product.

Measurements of cheese

Cheese PDO cheese comes in the form of a cylinder, There are two regulatory sizes :

  • The classic : 20cm < Diamètre < 24 cm / 3,5cm < Hauteur < 5,5cm / Poids < 1,850kg
  • The small : 12cm < Diamètre < 14 cm / 3,5cm < Hauteur < 4,5cm / Poids < 1,850kg

A local auvergnat product

The cows in the herd must be born, be high and produce on the area AO. The power of the cow must be grass, one grazed in summer season (160 minimum days) and in the winter of dry grass and up to 15% wet grass on the year. This herb must come exclusively from the PDO area, food that complements is regulated and may not contain any of GMOS.

A product of quality controlled

Milk stored at the place of the Treaty prior to the dairy producer collection is carried out in a refrigerated tank. The farmer producer him using milk directly after each milking is not subject to this constraint. The milk used for the production of cheese PDO comes only from farms by the appellation and controlled. The cheese making process follows clearly defined steps : the cutting, casting, salting, pressing, the interflow. Each cheese is identifiable by his plate of casein (Oval shape if it is a farmhouse cheese, square if it is a cheese dairy. Maturation must be for a minimum of 28 days.

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