Recipe “secret” Saint Nectaire

It is one of the emblems of the Auvergne gourmet terroir. With its nutty taste the Saint Nectaire is produced in Auvergne, by the farmer, slag him it refines and sells throughout France.

Made in the morning and evening of St. Nectaire cheese farmers are exclusively whole milk immediately trafficking carried, must be between 13 and 15 liters to make a cheese.
One hour during the milk is put to curdle, also called curdling, mixed with rennet milk (emprésurage) Donne la caillade. The whey will appear before gradually give way to the formation of Tomme.

Tomme is then molded, on sale then placed in the press for 24 hours. Once this milestone passed must Tomme unmold and place in the fridge for several days, this is the time of ripening. Several weeks where the cheese is stored, cleaned, salt, shot before getting a real saint Nectaire refined (a few weeks to several months depending on the tastes).
After the refining stage, mostly in a basement we finally get a Saint Nectaire, It measures 20 inches in diameter and weighs just over a kilo five. Sa croute is gray, sometimes it turns on orange, the dough is firm and contains about half 45% fat.

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