The poster campaign 4×3

Discover the latest advertising campaign Saint Nectaire cheese or how the Auvergne cuisine invaded French territory.

Since the end of September in over a hundred cities in France bloom huge 4×3 dedicated to the promotion of Saint Nectaire. In the streets and even in the heart of Paris Metro on the merits we sale already well known product typically Auvergne.

A little green in the middle of everything refreshes and bitumen resource townspeople then maybe they will go up to this little wilderness on their plate ?


They are more 4000 French on signs and not less than 300 in the corridors of the capital's subway.

The industrial zone

ZI St-Nectaire

Valley in the Sancy Visit DAY St Nectaire, the heart of the mountain.

The fresh shelf

St-Nectaire au rayon frais

The plateau of Sancy Auvergne : Spend cool radius !


Gde Surface St-Nectaire

The tops of mountains da Sancy : Stroll our supermarkets !

We also note the publication of a comprehensive brochure to complement the magazine TV Magazine and in Version Femina.


The campaign was carried out by the communication agency to promote Saint Nectaire cheese.

Photo Credit : David Frobert

Campaigns of previous years

Already 2009 and 2010 Saint Nectaire had been an advertising campaign of the same type. If visuals were somewhat different, the goal remained the same.


Saint-Nectaire : A Well Done for you
Campagne 2009 St-Nectaire


Saint-Nectaire : Nectar of Nature
Campagne 2010 St-Nectaire

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