Roots and wings on France 3 (November 2017)

On the roads of the Massif Central, Here the title of the report roots and wings proposed by France 3 This Wednesday 8 November 2017 at 20:55.

Roots and wings (FR3) On the roads of the Massif Central

The feature is visible in the France site 3 Roots and wings to 6 days after its first broadcast. The issuance of France Télévisions had already made stops in Auvergne there a year ago with his documentary passion Heritage, from Oregon to the Cantal.

Here is a short summary of this report on the Massif Central, with its inevitable Saint-Nectaire cheese

Flying over the castles of the Massif Central

The documentary begins with a scenic flight, find out for the most beautiful castles of Auvergne sky : Castle of Effiat, the castle of gouged-Lee, the castle of Ravel, the castle of Montmorin, Mauzun Castle, the castle of Murol, the cozy Castle and the castle of the Cheyrelle. This last Castle located in Cantal will also be a tour of its interior by its new owners.

The farm of the Rose of the winds

Meet the Golfier family, producer of cheese cheese to Egliseneuve of Entraigues. Discovery of the flowery meadows, of the Treaty and of the manufacture of the cheese and its room refining. The farm of the Rose of the winds work in sustainable agriculture and makes every effort to respect and the comfort of its animals : Mist in the summer against the heat and flies, bone and massage care for cattle. The cheese chapter concludes with the meeting of the association Breeders in other, the key word : Respect for life, whether it's animals, plants or men.

Burons of Cantal

Go to the discovery of the Cantal burons, small stone houses initially scheduled for the summer pastures and cheese production Cantal or Salers. Inspection of burons restored to make a “second homes” or cottage to rent. Discover several burons with the association BURON of Cantal : Visit of the Niercombe buron, the old was BURON, the Chambe BURON.

The mobile grocery store in the Livradois-Forez

Meeting with the itinerant grocer, his daily life, customers and suppliers, essentially local producers (Goats cheese, craft beer of the Livradois-Forez…). Butterfly & Poppy : A militant grocer for the organic and local.

Auvergne Amethyst

Starting with the geologist Pierre Lavina to discover the gems and semiprecious Auvergne. Auvergne, a volcanic region rich in quality stones, Overview of Usson, Nonet and visit of a career of amethyst. The story continues in a lapidary, the size of amethyst professional, the stone is revealed facet after facet.

Professional pickers

Meeting with collectors of wild plants, commonly known as landless. Discover this profession and techniques of collection of medicinal or aromatic plants.

The national park of the Cevennes

The Cevennes otherwise through the Highlands discover from the Astronomical Observatory. A mountain guide and an astrophysicist offer of excursions in nature accompanied by donkey to the public to convey the luggage and equipment. Once there the goal is to take advantage of the dark night to observe deep sky.

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