Miss Hermine in From'Girls calendar 2012

Do you know Hermine ? Not ? Yet with his name particle is a star that embodies itself in October and Saint Nectaire.

We welcome the initiative by the’Association cheeses terroirs, Indeed, since the year 2006 she staged in sexy calendars great French cheeses.

Face au fromage industriel l’édition 2012 and earlier are there to extol the virtues of farm products, their quality and taste.

2 photographers for cheese

Do you know the saying En Octobre, If you are wisely, buys grains and clothes

The tenth month (October) is that of Saint Nectaire and Hermine is below that will accompany you from 1 to 31. The story does not say whether this is his real name but it seems likely that this is an allusion to the Lake of Hermines Super Besse. It is more difficult to find an explanation for his girlfriend Roxanne Cantal for the next month : November. All pages of the calendar available here.

From'Girls Octobre 2012

°Photographe : Philippe Serieys.

Measurements calendar : 30,5cm wide by 42 cm de haut, 380 grams hook included.

How to obtain ?

The calendar is for sale on the website of the association, for 19 € (excluding postage). After the gods of the stadium, obtain a copy of the goddesses of cheese.

Order a copy of the calendar

You can also acquire the past calendars following stocks.

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