Editing 2015 Murat-le-Quaire

It was the Saturday 18 July 2015 in Murat-le-Quaire, for this fourteenth official national contest. The competition will take place during the feast of the village, many activities are proposed around and in parallel to the competition : Tastings, market, meals, Rando, dance, music, and fireworks in the evening.

Affiche concours Saint Nectaire 2015

60 farmers, 5 dairy farmers and a dozen masters refiners will participate in this contest, each in its category : Farmer, dairy, refiner. During this annual competition, a jury will have to decide the best cheeses among proposed 100 tasting. The selection criteria will of course on the taste of the cheese but also on its texture as well as on the aspect of its crust.

The morning buy your bread out just the oven bread, then enjoy your day to survey the country market, Discover the cows and the equipment, also join one of the organized hikes (Promenade flora of the Prairies :11h, 15h and 18 h 30)…

At 12:30 : Awards of the competition.

From 13 h possibility of lunch on-site for €19 (Remember to book in advance), to the menu :

  • Flammekueche in the Ossau-Iraty served with mixed salad
  • Supreme of chicken with cream of Saint-NECTAIRE
  • Apples doormat with streaked green beans, brunoise
  • Cheese platter : Ossau-Iraty & Saint Nectaire PDO
  • Apple Pie, the caramel sauce and whipped cream

From 15 h to 18 h, Saint-NECTAIRE cheese tasting.
From 3.30 p.m. to 5 p.m., country dance.
20h : Giant barbecue.
21h : Beginning of the ball.
22h : Fireworks at Murat the QADRI.

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