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Easy Sancy an online service to reload its package for the Sancy resort : Super Besse and Le Mont Dore. With this card, or order online buy cash (4 day time) you'll save time, more queuing at the checkout, accessible lifts on arrival in resort and online payment system controlled and secure.

Magnetic card in his left pocket

It will cost € 2 to buy, finished packages attached to zippers, everything is now computerized. It remains a valid one year to recharge his ski, just keep it carefully to avoid having to buy a new.

Your card contains your package, it identifies you each time in lift, according to the chosen package you have access to facilities. Placed in your left pocket, sensor consult your package and opens the turnstile to join either the lift, chair lift, carpet or new eggs. Please do not place with key, a cell phone or anything that may interfere with map.

Your card is strictly personal is has a single No. you need to recharge your account.

Packages and how to reload ?

On EasySancy you can buy day passes and up to two consecutive days without dates. For 3 to 7 days after the date is required and a photo ID, the site also offers 5 non-consecutive days, 5x4h of packages… Discounts for seniors, les juniors, students and groups.

Three families of packages :

  • Tour ski area
  • The discovery space (Only Super Besse)
  • Full Season Package
  • Night (Only Super Besse)

Go directly to Easy.Sancy.com

2 thoughts on “Easy Sancy : Online skipass

  1. I have my 2 small children who are enrolled in the ski school of the 19 February 4 March(2 weeks) for the 2nd and 3rd stars. Can you tell me what to book a ski lift?(Packages that are suitable?).
    Thank you in advance.
    Etienne Rousseau

    • Hello, There are several types of packages, so you should before booking ask the ski school who will take care of your little ones.

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