ham puff pastry / Béchamel

One of our readers has its recipe pastry with Saint Nectaire / Béchamel, Quick and easy, try ! It will be automatically input ? Small oven ? Topped with your favorite AOP it will delight seated.

Make a bechamel sauce

You can choose to make your béchamel yourself or buy ready. But remember that the Homemade will only be better.

For the béchamel : 2 tablespoons flour, 20 CL of milk and 20 g butter, salt and pepper
Melt the butter and book. Heat the milk in a saucepan. Before it comes to a boil incorporated flour while stirring. Do not stop stirring ! Finally add the butter, a pinch of salt and pepper. For fond must be very thick béchamel your (add flour if necessary).

Clip, garnish and cook

A warm room with a salad ! Hoping that you gently pleases the palate, Bon appetite !

Thank you Lorin 🙂

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