The 'Sancy Blanche' : Competition of cross-country skiing

Each year a competition takes place in the Auvergne mountains : The 'Sancy Blanche'.

Appointment less than an hour Saint-Nectaire to participate in this event in the Nordic. A popular race that brings skiers background throughout France and beyond the time of day.
Organized by the community shared the Massif du Sancy this sporting event offers skiers four suitable courses at different levels. Marathon for competitors, through the criterion until promofond race for those who want to ski over a shorter distance.
The style is free (skating or classic style) and tracks are mixed, to delight all types of practice.
Several areas are planned refueling and hot drinks await participants at the finish of the race.

The marathon

Distance : 42 kilometers
Departure : 9h30 at La Bourboule-Charlannes
Be on site between 8am and 9:15

To participate in marathon condition is required : You need more than 21 years 1 the day of the race.
Note that the race is included in the calendar of national races FFS, it has therefore to challenge the Auvergne.

Rewards to 10 first and 3 first.

The criterium

Distance : 21 kilometers
Start of the race : 9h30 à Chastreix
Awards : For 5 first and 3 first

Be on site between 8am and 9:15.

To participate in the criterion condition is required : You need more than 17 years 1 the day of the race.

The promo

Distance : 10 kilometers
Start of the race : 10h à Picherande-Chareire

Be on site between 9am and 9:45.

Special youth (Less 16 years)

Awards : For 3 first and 3 first
Individual medical certificate and insurance required for registration.

The categories are :

  • Poussins (Less 10 years)
  • Benjamins (11 & 12 years)
  • Minimes (13 & 14 years)
  • Cadets (15 & 16 years)

Registration details and prices of engagement

Displays Sancy White 2014Registrations are done by mail Any application must be accompanied by a medical certificate. FFS license or card snow FFS for redundant or ticket race for amateurs.

For redundant, a photocopy of the license must also be provided to enter the ranking FFS.

Participation rights in advance :

For 42 km : 18€ + race ticket 11€
For 21 km : 18€ + race ticket 11€
Participation for the promo is free.

To register on the same day, intend € 3 surcharge.

New this year, if you are the owner of a winter card on the northern area of ??Sancy, you will receive € 5 discount on your engagement.

Whether on the track or in the public to encourage the participants go to La Bourboule for this National People's race.

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