October | Party at La Godivelle bogs

Appointment Saturday 15 October 2016 to La Godivelle in the Cézallier for third party bogs (10: 00-17: 00).

Fête des Tourbières de La Godivelle (2016)

Projection debate around the film screened in the village church : “Les savoirs des tourbières” with the testimony of the ancients of the Cézallier. Also enjoy workshops, kite session and the presence of a scientific bus.

Program detailed the day of festivities

Enjoy photo exhibitions : 'The shared Nature of the Park of the volcanos of Auvergne', "Peatlands seen from the sky" of Philippe Tournebise. The home of the reserve is also open all day, also get the Observatory at the bottom Lake. Opening of the tourbliotheque, a temporary Museum with some (and your) Testimonials, anecdotes, souvenirs… The scientific bus “Léon le Camion” for some scientific experiments…

From 10 h, come and have a coffee at the home of the reserve.

10h30 : Projection of 25 short-film as a testimony (broadcast in the Church in preview). They focus on stories of “gens d’ici” (inhabitants, managers, farmers…) on the peatlands of the reblochon and the Cézallier.

12h30 : Aperitif-buffet (only on invitation and registration) Or pulled the bag picnic, so thought to bring your !

13h30 : Discover the fauna of bogs and kite making (Dragonfly, Butterfly or bird).

14h : Guided tour of peatlands, provide shoes and binoculars.

16h30 : The flight of the kite.

17h : Glass of the friendship offered by the Town Hall of La Godivelle.

20h30 : The nearby village of Compains to the Topo-Topic show "Stories of the Monts Domes and the Cézallier" by the collective of artists PetitPoisPrincesse.

More information about this event on the site of the Regional natural park of the volcanoes of Auvergne.

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