Horizons Sancy : The artwork of Sancy

Every year the Sancy appointment gives art lovers and ballads for Horizons Sancy. Landscapes highlighted otherwise through these monumental works, and discover or rediscover the exceptional sites of Auvergne : Points culminants, cascades, forests, lakes… with this selection of visual artists.
Throughout the summer season (From mid-June to mid-September) the Auvergne mountains therefore welcome an art gallery to open. Open free to the public event together since now 9 curious years, tourists, enthusiasts, walkers, photographers, …, in this open-air museum that is the Sancy. And browsing the entire region through 12 Artists, you “only” 4 months to discover all, only, en famille, friends…
If sometimes a few seconds to reach the place of work, others require a little more time, reassure you everything is signposted, marked and even without being a pro hiker you will have no trouble finding.

2016, visit one of the many sites of the edition :

This year two works are in the commune of Saint-NECTAIRE, enjoy !

  • Aequilibrium Singularis the wood of Chan on the commune of La Bourboule by Michel-Marie Bougard
  • Horizon 1200 DPI at the Puy de Paillaret in Picherande by The workshop 37.2
  • KHEJRI, for trees the caves of Sapchat in Saint-NECTAIRE by Vincent Barré and Chiman Dangi
  • The taboo of the Terrier to the caves of Châteauneuf between Murol and Saint-NECTAIRE by Julien Agarwal
  • Nil Novi Sub Sole at the Saint-Pierre Saint-Pierre-Colamine Pic by Quentin Hatry & Julien Boucq
  • Panorama Rock Nite in the Valbeleix by Brackenboro
  • Reliefs Pre under the peak of the Capuchin in Mont-Dore by Clara Gallet & Guillaume Dronne
  • Sustainable Cinema No.6: Lenticular Waterwheels(for Bonnet) Creek with gateway Égliseneuve of Entraigues wooden by Derwin Scott Hessels
  • Escape attempt Puy de Pertuyzat in Besse by Vincent Chevillon
  • The rhythm of Wind Pre to Beaune-le-Froid to Beaune-le-Froid by Varvara & Mar

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More information on : Website Horizons Sancy.

LandArt in the Auvergne

Born in the 60 this contemporary art comes straight U.S., art out of museums and installs in natural environment. If nature was previously simply represented Canvas, photo, video or other, it will become an integral part of artistic production, offering a framework, depth, emotion and new sensations. While some purists LandArt the materials used must be 100% natural (Wood, minerals, plant, water…) LandArt today continued its evolution and there are also manufactures (to be giving even more meaning to the man / nature of reports).

Far Horizons Sancy traditional exhibition illustrates the successful integration of the work in its environment, a new real-world experience for small as for large, for beginners as for fans. Between artistic discovery and environmental awareness, this is a new way to showcase the natural heritage of the region. This event opens a new door of public art and large spaces Auvergne, the outdoor enthusiasts and refractory museums have indeed found here an attractive alternative.

It was in 2015

  • Fragments of reality of Alessandro Lupi, Park of the Prélong in Murol
  • I dreamed of a castle the collective Time Maker's, Rock Vendeix in La Bourboule
  • The perpetual rowers Francis Klein, Cascade of Entraigues, Bridge of Clamouze to Égliseneuve of Entraigues
  • Octopus Montanus of Francis Benincà, CEYRAT, non-Sancy
  • Dairy Pappus David and Alice Bertizzolo, Lake Bourdouze between Compains and Besse.
  • Tribe of Delphine Puglia at Chastreix
  • Relay Langlois Soriano, between the Golden Lake and the large Puy in Mont-Dore
  • Sinfonia Invisible by Tiziana Bertoncini near the waterfalls of Chiloza in Besse
  • Temporary Ruins The Cloud collective at the Pré de l'homme à Saint-NECTAIRE
  • Walden Raft Florent Albinet and Elise Morin Lake in Picherande Gayme
  • Areas of turbulence obviously aggravated Roland CROs at the top of the puy de Chambourguet at Super Besse

It was in 2014

  • Dripping Cascade du Bois de lime (Entraigues Égliseneuve municipality) by Pier Fabre
  • Eruption at the Lac de Montcineyre plain (Compains municipality) by Anaïs Lelièvre
  • Golden Replica the Roman rock (Commune of Saint-Victor-la-Rivière) by Greta Dimaris
  • The cry of the ground in the meadow with views of the Massif du Sancy (Commune of Murol) by Gaëtan Robillard & Isabelle daga
  • The Kingdom to the Lyntz pond (Commune of Saint-Diery) by Antoine Milian
  • The veil of the bride to the cascade of the Rossignolet (Commune of le Mont-Dore) by Louis Sicard
  • The Evidence on the mountain of Margelet (Commune of Beaune-le-Froid) by Thomas Monin
  • Creepage distances to fields (Commune of Murat-le-Quaire) by Collective West (By. Lecamus / E. Tabassum)
  • Cloud at the Puy de Chareire (Picherande municipality) by Yuhsin U Chang
  • Signal_Ethique on the mountain of the greenhouse (Municipality of the Crest) by Arnaud Huart
  • Urbre The understory (Commune of La Bourboule) by Edline Bianco

It was in 2013

In 2013 the commune of Saint Nectaire hosted in the Pinarde meadow Caravan from Jean-François Karst.

List of other works 2013 :

  • Cars : Gallo-Roman bridge Valbeleix by Michel-Marie Bougard
  • Alterburon to Chastreix by James Bouquard and Pierre-Yves Pere
  • Mégascopiques diatoms in the bog Barthe (Picherande) Prisca par Cosnier
  • Passage Horizon Pre top of the Grand Cascade (Mont-Dore) par Christophe Gonnet
  • Earth Pulse aux 2 puys (Pertuyzat – Besse) par Tagit Klimor
  • Loading Flash in Banne Ordanche (Murat-le-Quaire) by Marie Lelouche
  • In the world of plants au Parc Fenestre (La Bourboule) the workshop LandArt : F. Nordiek et W. Buntrock
  • Oriel Windows in the Caves Summit Jonas (St Pierre Colamine) for Mattthieu Pilaud
  • Natural X.Wing / Sancy against attack in Crater Tartaret (Murol) by Guillaume Renou
  • The blue stones Cheyre the Puy de la Vache and Lassolas by Stephanie Cailleau

The caravan from Jean-François Karst

The work takes place not far from Saint Nectaire, more precisely in the locality Les Arnats in the pre Pinarde. If you want to discover the work # 5, appointment to Arnats then take the farm roads for about 45 walk. No risk of losing, signaling panels Horizons-Sancy will take you smoothly to your obejctif.
Avoid shoes and other small summer shoes, if the path is wide and marked, Recent storms and runoff have degraded parts of the course and it would be a shame to get hurt.

Karst Caravan in the Meadow of the Pinarde

The artist
: Jean-François Karst

The work : Installing the 4 meters long 2,5 meters in width and height. The caravan is 10m2 surface and weighs about 1,7 tonnes. It is made of brick and metal reinforcements for the roof.

RV Entry Karst

Located on the meadow Pinarde, it lies in Scots pine at the top of the hill (925m) and offers stunning views of the surrounding.

Rear Caravan Karst

Inside, three benches and a wooden table on which you can sit for a picnic, a break in the ballad or simply take the time to enjoy and soak up the work.

Inside the Caravan Karst

These crude furniture also act guestbook, Posts visitors will make you smile, writing about the Caravan Raphael, lack of window and door, jokes of all kinds, travelogue, impressions and returns spect'acteurs'… etc etc… Visitors therefore leaving a trace of their passage with their messages and decorative touches (using pine cones)… The caravan would it become a participatory work ?

Table Caravan Karst

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