Visit the caves de Châteauneuf

Want to go back in time ? Why not visit the cave dwellings during a stroll on the Puy de Châteauneuf ?

Panel road caves

Park on the church square, then go back to the old deli, turn left and take the PR “Path of the caves”.

Directly accessible on foot from City, wear comfortable footwear and take the pitch for a walk around 2 hours to go / return to their caves and panoramic views. It is reached by the end of the path a little way, between rocky areas and wetlands, attention to slides !
The route is marked but not secure, then supervise children when climbing but also in caves where there many holes.

Once you get to the caves you can also reach the summit of the Puy, place the foundations of an ancient castle. There is not much but at least you have the satisfaction of having climbed the mountain in its entirety. Since caves enjoy the panoramic view of the city of Saint-Nectaire but also on Castle Murol, on the mountains of Sancy and the valley.

Panoramic view of Châteauneuf caves

Why caves ?
These caves are not as you imagine not natural, they were carved and decorated by the man in the volcanic rock (ou tuf) eruptions from the Monts Dore there is more 2 million years. The rock dug relatively easily, allowing residents live free weather Auvergne and have durable weather-resistant house.

Interior view of the caves

But why in Châteauneuf ?
Its name comes from a fortification once installed at the top of Puy, we do not know the exact date of construction, but it seems that there is almost 4000 years this fortress allowed to monitor la vallée du Listed. Caves located just down against the former site of the castle they used residential, if you're curious troglodyte shelters know that we find everywhere in the region. You may be familiar caves Jonas, but they are also found in Perrier, Veyre-Monton, Enval and Murol…

For the record…
The legend says that underground was dug from the site of the old castle to join the Murol.

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  1. A nice stroll, pity that the weather was rather poor in the late summer 2013, We went right in front on the Puy of Eraigne also.
    See you soon for new adventures in Auvergne certainly.

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