The rise of the Puy de Dome by the Mule trail

Essential if you are in the area : Puy de Dôme. It culminates the monts Dômes with its 1465 metres above sea level and gives a breathtaking panorama on the chain of Puys.

Starting from the col de Ceyssat

The beginning of the market is usually Ceyssat-necked, parking is available at the disposal of the walkers, by strong attendance at beautiful days and WE it is generally complete. Only solution then, Park on the side of the road (RD68)…

Then browse them 365 metres in altitude on the old path of the carriers, He once allowed the pilgrims to go to the temple of mercury. A place of cute Gallo-Roman (Mercury was the God of travellers, merchants but also thieves).
Today for hikers (Forbidden to ATVS), There is no difficulty if the rise, the course is very well marked but good shoes are still recommended, also watch the weather and plan can be : Rainwear, cutting wind for the Summit, CAP and sunglasses for the Sun…

Count about 3/4 of time to mount and the same for down, once up, enjoy in for the ride on the landscaped paths : Panoramas, tables of guidelines, restaurant, and if time permits enjoy the ballet's many paragliders…

Table d'orientation

*With view of Saint-NECTAIRE. An orientation located behind the mountain restaurant table will allow you to locate the city of cheese, illustrated by his Church, You can find it on the map panoramic.

The climb with the panorama of Domes

For those who cannot or do not wish to make the climb to feet, be aware that there is also an alternative : The rack railway (15 minutes of travel).
The box office is open from 9 h to 19 h, vending machines are also available to the public.
Rates depend on season :

  • Normal of 01/01 the 30/03 and 29/10 the 31/12
  • High season from 31/03 the 29/06 and 01/10 the 28/10
  • Very high season of 30/06 the 31/08

Opportunity to go or simple return, return, subscription to the year. More information with the fee schedule.

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