The Puy de la Vache and the de Lassolas

Leave for a few hours for the ascent of these two volcanoes, path signposted and accessible by any average Walker, enjoy the landscaped path that will facilitate your walk.

Puy de la Vache and Lassolas

The puy de Lassolas (The mountain in bougnat) and the puy de la Vache the two benjamins of the Chaîne des Puys, they are aged for only 8000 years, their last eruption having occurred 6020 years before J - C.
Located in the Chaîne des Puys, those are basaltic volcanoes born of a single eruptive episode, they culminate in 1167 meters (The cow) and to 1187 meters (Lassolas).

South find the headquarters of the Park of the volcanos of Auvergne : The Château de Montlosier. You will discover an exhibition dedicated to volcanoes and their discovery : Routes, explanatory panels….

A ride open to all

Puy career Cow
It is recommended for your security from equipped markets footwear and avoid the peaks of a thunderstorm.
You are also asked to not go out trails to meet an ecosystem and a fragile nature. If you walk around with your four-legged companion faithful you are requested to keep it on a leash, Indeed freedom dogs may disturb wildlife or disturb other walkers.

Two departures are possible, one since since the House of the Park of the volcanos (Château de Montlosier), the other on the car parks at the foot of the Puy de cow on road 5.

Then take the marked trail and follow the marking, trademarks will guide you along the way, You can also document through the many informative signs.

You can choose to only the rise of the Puy de la Vache or combine with the rise of Lassolas, the loop take back you to your initial point.

The hike usually begins with the passage in the career of the Puy de la Vache pozzolan, lunar landscape of rocks and volcanic bombs. Then the ascent begins…

Note that you can avoid the drop and stay at the foot of the volcano in doing the tour, Alternatively take the altitude and climb to the top !

The Tower of the Puy de la Vache is marked in green, count 1 h 30 to 3km walk.
The Tower of the Puy de Lassolas is marked in blue, count 2:30 for 5km walk.

Climb the Puy de la Vache

Two craters to egueulees forms

These two volcanoes are easily recognizable thanks to the shape of their crater : Open iron horse.
At the time of the eruption lava associated with projection (bombs, lapilis and slag) involving a pan of the volcano and not allowing the crater to close, creating these craters in the shape of crescents that are their know today.

This Strombolian-type eruption formed two cinder cones, the colors of the volcanic rock ranging from red to black. These shades are due to the oxidation of iron (more or less long exposure of the rock close to the warmth of the crater).

Two volcanoes for a cheire

The Aydat cheire (Long 15 kilometres to the Southeast) was formed by the casting of main of this volcano lava and its twin the puy de Lassolas. This casting is the formation of two lakes : Aydat Lake and that of the Carpenter.

Enjoy the panorama at the top

An overview on the Chaîne des puys and Massif of the Monts Dore with the culmination of Auvergne : The Sancy (1885m).
The puys and the surrounding volcanoes, but also the forests, pasture, the trays, Lakes and villages.

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