Editing 2013 In Saint Donat

It was the Saturday 10 August 2013 In Saint Donat, the twelfth official cheese cheese contest.

Results edition 2013

  • Best farmer cheese : Denis Chauvet, producer in Saint-Genes-Champespe (63)
  • Best milk cheese : Wächli (15)
  • Best refiner : Vaissaire-Papon (63)

The competition took place during the feast of St. Sixtus, an entire weekend of festivities with tourist activities, music and food.

Program : Market and local producers, funfair, music and concerts, events and tastings.

Three competitions were held in parallel on Saturday morning (de 9h à midi), the election of the best farmer cheese (50 producers of the PDO area will be present), Best milk cheese (among 4 Dairy Processors) and the best refiner farmer forming (8 registered refiners).

The jury 6 professional judge cheeses according to their appearance, their pulp, their crust and of course taste !
Awarding prizes and trophies to 13h, from 15h tasting cheeses all who participated in the competition and the 3 Winners.

The program of the festivities of St. Sixtus

Saturday 10 August 2013 : Farmers Market, funfair, couplings, meetings with the brotherhoods.

  • In the morning : From 9am elections of the best cheeses Saint-Nectaire 2013.
  • The afternoon : A 13h delivery of AOP price, 14:30 This is the 34th contest of traditional mowing with a scythe.
  • Evening from 22h : Bal Disco Saint Sixtus in Saint Donat with Feed Back (Free entry)

Sunday 11 August 2013 : Flea in the streets of the city and funfair.

  • In the morning : Walking (starting at 4:30 am for the sunrise), Concert matinal (Aubades) 10am, Mass at 11am and wreath laying.
  • Noon : Aperitif Concert
  • The afternoon : Meet at 15h for a demonstration of sled dogs and herding dogs, followed by a folk music (The Bourboulien Clock)
  • Night : Torchlight, fireworks, bal musette par anime Auvergne Musette (Free entry).

Information and contacts

Join Facebook event page organized by the Festival Committee and twinning of the town of Saint Donat.

Appointment in Saint Donat (63680), town of Puy de Dôme (63) near Picherande.

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