Lac Pavin : Ballad, Fisheries and gastronomy

The inescapable Pavin Lake near Besse-en-Chandesse : A single space preserved, a nice walk, Sport, all around a crater lake.
Lac du Pavin
It is the Lake the most touristic of Auvergne, its name comes from the latin Pavens Dreadful meaning. May be because of its dark waters and many legends that surround it such as for example the Chair of the devil below ?
Chair of the devil Lake Pavin

Located at an altitude of 1197 m, with an area of 44 hectares, It is deep 92 meters. One of its originality comes from its depth, It is a meromictic Lake : This means that its deep waters (Those of 30 last m) mix less than once a year with those of surface (<60 mètres).

The youngest maar of France

Lac Pavin
Born there is less than 7000 years it comes from the encounter of a lava puy Montchal and groundwater rise. Water in contact with molten lava is transformed into steam creating a very loud explosion and thus the formation of the crater. It will then fill with water to form the Lake is today.

The loop 45 minutes on foot

Way around the Pavin
You can do the tour of the Lake on a wide, landscaped path, count less than an hour to complete this circuit with very little vertical. Attention however to not stumble on the exposed roots, children should also be supervised because portions on the edge of the road are rather steep…

A site of climbing above the waters

Organs of Lake Pavin
The West Cliff used to practice climbing from April until November. The lanes are located on columnar basalt alternating dihedral angles and straight pillars. You will find on-site 24 nearby waterways 20 meters high, they are sides of 4 up to 6 c. Note that on some channels, nature begins to regain its rights…

The eponymous restaurant hotel

A gourmet restaurant (certified Toque of Auvergne) with panoramic views. Alternatively, you can lunch in the brewery and if time allows possibility of eat on the terrace.

Hôtel du Pavin

Take the privilege of sleeping in this unique place, one of 5 rooms welcomes you with stunning views of the Lake. Rooms for 1,2 or 3 people.

A summer exhibition

During the entire month of July and all of August, an exhibition is open to the public next to the restaurant. Free admission allows visitors to discover the secrets and the unique characteristics of the Pavin.

Fishing and boating authorized : Take your card

It is the realm of the boom, trout and especially of Arctic char. Take your map of fishing directly in the eponymous restaurant, different rates are offered : Map to the year, for children, for the day…
You have the possibility to rent a boat to fish for the day or half-day (Reservation).

Location and parking

Since Saint-NECTAIRE, take the direction of Murol then Besse-en-Chandesse, the Lake is then reported. You can then Park your car on the parking along the road 978. (5 minutes walk from the Lake).

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