Ice fishing at Lake Guery

Every year in early March takes place Guery the famous white peach, it meets all aficionados of ice fishing and many curious.

Organized by the Society of anglers Mont Dore, this fishing hole rings the opening of the season, one condition for this ice fishing is possible : Having more 25 cm of ice on the lake, Because of security forces.

A unique event in Europe


The tarière

This makes more 40 years that WE ice fishing is organized, the principle is simple, a hole in the ice, a rod or wire with a hook and a lot of patience hope to make a decision.
A unique event and deemed in Europe, which takes place the first weekend of March on the highest lake in Auvergne (1250 meters), for several days and enthusiasts can indulge their passion up until sunset.

Make a hole in the rules of art

Everything starts with the location, en effet you have to dig the hole in the ice and snow to reach the water. Gone are the days of thermal chainsaw, polluting gas and sometimes leaky engine oils, openings today are more environmentally friendly. It pierces the crowbar or auger (Below against, this is a manual drill, kind of hand drill used to dig the ice.), then removing the remainder of the small pieces skimmer to be able to put his wire and plug. The fisherman then affix next to its hole a pole bearing his name (or nickname) to avoid that takes his place (The fisherman like mushroom hunter corners and he does not like sharing 😉 ). For information about the hole measurement 25 cm in diameter for most of 25 cm deep, to 50 ou 60cm (the thickness of the harsh winter year).

La brimbale

La brimbale

Each fisherman is entitled to maximum à 2 canes and 5 taken daily, whether trout, salmon trout or brook char. The fisherman will also maintain its hole to prevent it becomes blocked because of the cold and wind. There contre la brimbale, Canadian-born cane fishing automatically ferre fish thanks to its balance and its weight against. To participate, come with your equipment and locate you the special fishing carte blanche for an amount of € 25, for further information, contact the company directly Fishing.

Fans indeed come from all over France, but not only, we come from all over Europe for the annual appointment. (Rest assured there is room for all the 26 du du lac hectares Guéry). This year there were between 700 and 800 fishermen and several hundred people came to discover this original activity.

At the foot of the Sancy, you are in the heart of the Auvergne mountains, enjoy in and discover a preserved environment with possibility to walk on the lake walk, to cross-country skiing or snowshoeing around. For small and big kids, The region has multiple descents suitable for sledging, sledding and design snowmen…

One ice fisherman

Fishermen friends, Here are the most original door cane year : Mr. Snowman made, dressed and equipped by Benjamin and his friends.

Access and map contacts

Lake Guery, 63240 Le Mont-Dore
League of anglers Mont-Dore : 04 73 65 20 21

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