The cheese sensations in PizzaHut ?

Sensation Saint-Nectaire : Reserved for lovers fast food and industrial pizzas… 😉

This winter exclusively in PizzaHut, discover three cheese sensations !

After the pizza County (Tuesday 26 November to Monday 16 December 2013), pizza Sainte Maure de Touraine (Tuesday 17 December to Monday 6 January 2014) PizzaHut offers its pizza Saint-Nectaire Tuesday 7 Monday 27 January 2014 in all its restaurants. By eat on or off the premises.

Sensations cheese Pizza Hut

What we believe ?

Who says sensation sense says, and it is good here one has 5 ! See 6…

“See” on french TV

Have not yet tasted the new pizza “by PizzaHut” we can not yet be imagined that. If the TV it seems that this is just a basic pizza with a few pieces of Saint Nec’ posed above, we really hope it will actually be more appetizing…

What it does not take “listening”

Do not wait and order now on PizzaHutPointFR : I prefer not to rush, wait until my brain releases the influence of advertising and marketing !

“Touch” one large public

Pizzahut as its haitude has done everything for his operation does not go unnoticed : Advertising campaign on TV, purchase of advertising space on the Google Network (Below).

Web Special Banner

As with MacDonald Large great cheese, we are sold authentic to blow advertising claims. It is winter, seasonal dishes return to settle in our minds and on our tables and this industry have understood. Between the squeegee, la truffade, and other dishes with cheese, major fast food chains also want to make us melt and surf the winter culinary trend… The question is whether the quality will be at the rendezvous…

Although it is common to eat pizza with your fingers, remember to wash your hands before and after, hygiene, microbe and fat requires 😉

It's not “smelling” good…

We already knew the mountain with country ham, of Saint Nectaire, fresh mushrooms, fresh light cream and mozzarella…
We knew also tartiflette with sour cream, de la mozzarella, Saint Nectaire Dairy, potatoes and bacon.

Both available in classic pulp, dough pan, pâte cheesy crust, pâte cheesy crust fun…

And not by genuinely valuing AOP it was not already a success (To each his buds… 😉 ) Then the Auvergne taster already worried for the future…

But what a taste it ?

Who said fast food chain called Saint Nectaire necessarily Dairy, PizzaHut here dit dit (according taster always) dough too oily pizza, that the taster does not like…

Our sixth sense

It should of course taste for what it really is but our 6th sense also tells us that true amateur PDO should not expect miracles… You understood is far from won, That is why in the meantime we opted for a different solution : Home preparation…

So stay in your hut and become yourself pizzaïolo !

Why do not you try yourself to prepare pizza ? With good ingredients you will see that the result does have nothing, you turn to the more authentic you'll save ! Get cooking !

The ideal is to prepare your dough (Fine ou épaisse), to do with bread flour and the yeast, leave the rest then spread to the size of your pizza. You can add a little olive oil but also seeds… To get a stuffed crust cheese (and thus reproduce the cheesy crust) it is very simple : Cut thin strips of Saint Nectaire and arrange them 1 cm from the edge of the dough and wrap the.
Cover then with the tomato coulis (Or based crème) then it's gone for garnish… Free short let your culinary creativity : Mushrooms, bacon, … Not to mention St Nectaire Farmer !!! Cut into slices more or less fine according to your wishes and scatter on your pizza !
Cook for a few minutes in a hot oven (250°) then use the with salad !

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