The straw-burger COURTEPAILLE…

Courtepaille offers are small burger Cheese Saint Nectaire.
You will find on the card (only) in grilling at 'low prices’ under the name of Paille-Burger. A mixture between the bread and the hamburger, it is seasoned sauce Saint-Nectaire, served with chips and / or green beans. The lower slice is covered with melted cheese, the upper edge is browned.

Single or double ?

Between simple straw is double-burger, one difference : The second burger.

For 12 € 90 : 1 steak
Un steak haché grillé de 140 grams (Cooking choice),
A slice of toasted country bread,
Cheese sauce and melted Saint Nectaire,
Chips and / or green beans.

For 17 € 90 : 2 steaks
Two chopped steak grilled 140 grams (Cooking choice)
A slice of toasted country bread
Cheese sauce and melted Saint Nectaire,
Chips and / or green beans.

Are also Fourme d'Ambert, are identical ingredients except cheese.

Easy to do with you

Make your own burger Saint Nectaire easily, with such simple ingredients :

  • Some slices of Saint-Nectaire you conveniently purchased directly from the producer
  • Two slices of bread at the baker campaign
  • One or two burgers 100% pur bœuf

Go in the kitchen…
Cut the Saint-Nectaire in thin slice.
Grill the steaks in the pan, à point, bleeding or blue depending on your taste.
Meanwhile place the bread slices in the toaster or oven.

Once cooked steak, toast and cut the cheese, Accommodate all your ingredients to make your burger.

This is the time of tasting.

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