And Speed Burger ?

Speed Burger, specializing in the delivery of sandwich chain now offers his burger in Saint Nectaire.

Burger*image non contractuelle bien sûr 😉

Full menu or single sandwich, You can order it on the spot or on the internet directly. Count €6,5 for the single burger.

List of ingredients

Bread with sesame seeds, two steak chopped, a slice of Saint-NECTAIRE, a slice of bacon, a few slices of tomatoes, a lettuce leaf and Peppercorn sauce.

Do it yourself !

There is nothing simpler and faster to make than a burger and there's nothing better than a home preparation, must it have the ingredients available.

Bring you bread special burger, chopped steaks, way, salad and tomato and do you realize even your burger.

Place warm baked bread, Meanwhile sear your steaks according to your favorite cooking (Blue, rare, or well cooked). Cut one or several slices of Saint Nectaire, prepare your salad and your slices of tomatoes.
According to appetite, nothing prevents you to add or remove stories. For the accompaniment : The fries but you can also suffice you a green salad.

And you have you tasted it ? Did you like ?

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