Producers of Saint-Nectaire PDO Bio

You are looking for Saint-Nectaire bio, a PDO cheese from organic farming ? Without fertilizers in pastures, organic food for animals, a supervised treatment for the health of the cows ?

Here are two addresses to obtain the St Nectaire Organic farmer in direct farm sales from the producer / refiner.

GAEC's Wort in Chastreix (63)

Aline and Bruno Brugiere, Chastreix producers in the Puy-de-Dôme (Reboisson 63680 Chastreix, phone : 04 73 21 53 16)

Sale at the farm every day except Sundays (and day off) and selling in the Puy-de-Dôme markets :

  • In the organic market of Orcet : 2second and fourth Friday of the month from 16h to 19h at the stadium parking Maurice Fournier (terrain de foot d’Orcet)
  • Organic market Moissat : 1first and third Friday of the month from 16h to 18h on the square towards Chignat
  • Market Riom : Every Saturday morning from 7am to 13h cans downtown

GAEC of Birches in Marcenat (15)

Muriel and Henri Chabaud, producers Marcenat Cantal (Funds, 15190 Mahsain, phone : 04 71 78 83 82)

Sale at the farm every day from 9am to 19pm and Sunday from 9 am to 12 am.
Guided tour of the farm on reservation (07 63 92 07 22)

If you know of other Farmers' addresses bio, please let us know to add them to this list 🙂

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