The Bellonte farm on TF1

Find a small report on the Bellonte farm in Anne-Claire Coudray newscast on TF1 (Sunday 22 December 2013). And this is not the first time that TF1 us praise our favorite AOP, remember GAEC des Monts-Dore.

Following the first day of winter TF1 chose from Auvergne and to honor the Massif du Sancy.
After a few figures Massif and its ski resorts, the story begins with the Buron Etienne and his recipe for truffles, it continues with the production of Saint-Nectaire to Bellonte Farm and ends on thousands waters of Lake Pavin.

If you do not want to review the entire report but only pass on so Bellonte Farm go directly to 2 minutes 50 seconds.

Visit the GAEC

It reveals the parlor with Carla, Dora, Paquerettes, Pépita, Stick… Then comes the processing room milk cheese, visit ends in the cellars of Saint-Julien, where Saint-Nectaire s’affine and takes all its flavors from 10 generations Bellonte !

En bonus Commandery of Saint-Nectaire reveals its tip to fully enjoy the eponymous cheese : Press it against his palate to appreciate its delicate flavor !

Other topics in this ZoomIn

Two tables menu : The first advocates authentic, the second gourmet…

The buron Etienne

Located at the Col de la Croix Saint-Robert le buron is a welcoming place for hikers, old house and barn it now becomes refuge. With table to eat around’good truffade, it also has a small dormitory for the night warm before leaving the next day.

Le Lac Pavin

A lake of volcanic origin old 6000 years and a hotel restaurant which invites you to discover its bases in one of his treasure : Brook Knight.

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