Hermine the From'Girls : September 2014

Hermine Saint-Nectaire is back in the calendar Pin'Up From’Girls, this year 2014 you will find it on the sheet of September !

Welcome once again the initiative the’Association of cheeses Terroirs, that since already 8 years enhances the vintage French cheese dough with this schedule From'Girls.

From'Girls Septembre 2014

°Photographe : Philippe Serieys.

Remember, Hermine had already an appearance 2012 for October, but this time exit artificial blond ! 😉 You will also notice that pin'up not just our Auvergne are a little less discoveries than previous editions.

From the cellar to the table !

Chic and glamor thus to convince all restaurateurs (François et Navarrois) to provide raw milk cheese on their plates and not just pasteurized… (Le site the diversité is key to the success of a good cheese plate.)

Hoping thus Hermine've seduced many of them and the Auvergne restaurants are not the only ones to offer their customers Saint-Nectaire Farmer !

Also note the presence of neighboring Auvergne Hermine :

Three fromages AOP d’Auvergne are represented this year 2014
, it lacks the Salers

All calendar pages this year 2014 are available here.

How to buy this almanac ?

Please visit the website of the association, stuff calendar for only € 19 (Without shipping) and plus it's for a good cause !

Order a copy of the calendar

Collectors, lovers of fine cheeses and pin'up also obtain previous editions (Si stocks non épuisés)

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