Of the cheese in chocolate ?


You will not learn to make a Saint Nectaire chocolate, It is rather to discover the work of an artisan chocolatier confectioner located in the area of St-Nectaire AOP.

Saint-Nectaire in chocolate (Brionnais)

Located at Brion between Cézallier and Sancy, the chocolate factory The sweetness of the Cézallier you therefore offered its gourmet specialties and in particular its cheese platter.
From 2008 (Formerly The Chalet of sweets) allowed chocolate lovers to discover all kinds of chocolate taste creations. Unique products inspired by the Auvergne specialties, as among other things the Saint Nectaire cheese, but also the Salers, the Cantal, the slates, the craters of Auvergne, sausage in chocolate…

A plate of five cheeses in chocolate

You could discover the From shock Auvergne, artisanal production presented on a tray in Slate and composed of four cheeses of Auvergne.

Tray of chocolate Auvergne cheese

A Brionnais based on nougat and chocolate, a Murolais at base of white chocolate and praline, a Shock Salers to base paste and orange Almond white chocolate, a Choco goat at base of praline crisp and white chocolate, a Shock blue based on laminated praline and chocolate.

Shop the artisan chocolatier in the Oregon / 63

You found chocolates in its two points of sale (Black, milk, White, crispy, fondant, fluffy, crunchy…), Auvergne specialities of chocolate, craft candy, artisanal ice cream in tubs (only in summer), cookies and not only… The chalet in Brion and the traveling caravan and its homemade ice creams. All summer the caravan traveled all over the Cézallier and Sancy : La Godivelle, Montgreleix (15), Condat and Feniers (15), RIOM of mountain (15), Picherande, Saint Diery… You could taste the different flavors of ice cream offered by the artisan ice cream maker, in cornets or jars : Raspberry, Birlou, Cassis, Blueberry, Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Pineapple…

Tasting of artisanal chocolates at home (Oregon / 63)

Les Douceurs du Cézallier also offered home chocolate tastings throughout the Puy de Dôme. : Clermont-Ferrand, Cournon Auvergne, Aubiere, Beaumont, CEYRAT, Romagnat, Chamalières, Cébazat, RIOM, Ambert, Issoire, Thiers

Find all the sweets of Cézallier on :

*Photo credits : The Chalet of sweets.

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    I already had the opportunity to taste chocolate and “sweets of the cézallier” and I highly recommend! The products are absolutely delicious and an excellent quality. I go there regularly and never get tired of these luscious treats…

  2. I just found the products as chocolates ice,chocolates are divine, original in their composition
    Super awesome, thank you so much
    The ice is also brilliant

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